​Chris Simon – Senior Technician

Chris Simon is the Senior Technician and has over 30 years experience troubleshooting and repairing complex analog and digital circuitry.

Brian Lepine – Technical Director

Brian Lepine is the Technical Director with over 40 years experience in design, manufacturing and maintenance of recording equipment and studios.

Donny DaSilva – General Manager

Donny DaSilva manages the department and is available to answer any of your questions about the repair.

Noble Street Technical Services

Located in the Noble Street Studios premises the shop boasts over 25 years of technical support for audio studios and recording artists.  Having seen a lot of the popular professional recording gear revealed on the bench, we are able to service and repair most vintage and modern studio equipment, including amplifiers. We repair and recalibrate our own equipment and would be able to provide this service to other analog gear owners. We have numerous custom circuits and devices in use in the studios here and can help you clear up issues with your sound. Some of the names that we service regularly are Solid State Logic (SSL), Neve, API, AMS, Urei, Lexicon, Millennia, Focusrite, Universal Audio, Pultec, GML, ADR Compex, Fender, Marshall, AMEK, Dynaudio, Genelec, Bryston, Mytek, Neumann, Telefunken, Sony, Tube-Tech, BAE

Noble Street Studios